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Rossiya GOŚCINIEC object of history. location at the former military base. Middle Poland Western Pomerania, between Berlin and Kaliningrad 30 km north of Jastrowie see route E 22 In our facility in the years 1935 – 1945 were German officers Accommodation in years 1945 – 1992 Accommodation of Soviet officers. Located in a pine forest near the lake, in the military fortifications of the Pomerania. reminiscent of the military history of the place. We have an extensive collection of uniforms and propaganda material from those years. enable our guests to photograph the unique battle fatigues of the Soviet Army General. officers recommend two bedroom apartments with bathroom. Accommodation consists of a peace officer and peace adiutanckiego. The two-room quarters are 4 places to sleep. Comfortable for 4-person family. It is possible to divide the single independent accommodation rooms. Each room is equipped with TV, fridge, telephone and wireless internet. perfect place for active holidaymakers all year round.

  • We encourage pedestrian and bicycle trips with the GPS on the bunkers.
  • welcome motorists to the expedition Off Road 4 × 4
  • Organize training camps : Krav Maga, Paintball, Airsoft
  • Organize kayaking scenic rivers.
  • The Borne Sulinowo can receive training, gain power and Light Aircraft Pilot License.
  • We offer fitness and surwiwalowe stays.
  • Our attraction is 24.000 ha area dotted with military fortifications, 56 lakes and clean rivers.
  • We have a large area to organize feasts in the open air.
  • In the winter we offer cross-country skiing expedition.

For groups organize sham maneuvers on a former military training ground 30 beds have their own + 150 seats in the two neighboring boarding time = 180 seats The beginning:   It is spring 1993 looking for a nice place to hold a riding camp. we come to a village situated on the lake Silnowo Pile Szczecinek district. municipal office worker arranges and introduces us to pass into the former military base Sulinowo (name of the German Gross Born) located on the opposite side the lake. The garrison abandoned discover a beautiful old German stables in 1935. decision was made, here we organize our camp riding. beautiful vacation two months in an abandoned military town located in a pine forest on a clear lake. discover hitherto obscure piece of our country. Out of a polygon area of the moraine covered with heather, dwarf pine and birch. denies breathtaking views stretching to the horizon the vast space. unknown to anyone at this site will assume the base. After the holidays is decided, we buy a building barracks, where they lived before officers and settle. The result of the former military base in the first house. first name Deresz pension, which we adopted the name came from the Riding Club, with whom we came to the area. But soon you realize that our guests are interested in the history of the place. begin to explore their own history, to collect information, go up to Russia in search of the truth of this former Soviet base. For our insistence Geodesy and Cartographic Office in Borne Sulinowo develops and publishes. Sulinowo of GPS through the bunkers excellent guide for those interested in military fortifications. changing its name to the guest house Gościniec Rossiya

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